oppression of emotions (yeah, you read that correctly. i meant oppression and not suppression) is the same as packing nitroglycerin into diatomaceous earth. at some point in time you will end up with a leaky and unstable compound that will be hazardous to not only yourself, but anyone having the misfortune of being anywhere near you.

this website is where i vent, the Internetz is a hostile, dangerous and terribly marvelous place. my ‘feelings’ my ‘truth’ and my ‘kak’ are exactly that: mine.

i have no clue why you are reading this kak. do you know?

i also think all of us feels like just talking kak at some point in time, we are all social creatures. all people are much more than just one thing. we are all special, unique, good and great. sometimes we are not so great and sometimes we are overly great. i am now talking kak… see how this works?

my name is andre coetzee and i created this website to talk kak. i am the publisher and operator of this website, in my personal capacity. i pay my R59 each month for hosting and rent the domain yearly from my supplier.