Trump wants USA to own and control the moon

you may have heard about the artemis accord? the USA believes that it needs 'general consensus' of 'some' 'space faring' nations and that it can divide up ownership of the moon. the american president feels that getting consensus from non…

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losing your shit

acronym: FUD. fear. uncertainty. doubt. life is not easy. it has never been easy, no matter who you are and what your environment is. each breath is a struggle. it has always been a struggle. in more uncertain times and…

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the south african government makes it law that all .za domains have to display this link: so, i visited this "commercial" website... it has spinning boxes, like a casino, that displays the number infected and dead. old numbers, because…

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Ignorant Power Hungry Dictators

So, I am required by law to display this link: Even if you write about shoes and cats, you have to display this link: : The South African Government wants to control what I post on my blog?…

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Ego ergo extinction

so, "social media" erupted about the solution to this equation : 8 รท 2(2+2) = ? Mathematicians claim that the "rules" (which they have made up in defiance of logic) has to prevail and the correct answer is 16. Most…

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