South Africa

so, I have not written anything for a while as I have been thinking about some serious matters and their possible solutions. The truth is that any "serious matter" depends greatly on point of view. For a person living in…


Justice not seen to be done

When drunk judges drive motor vehicles and are in accidents, justice is not seen to be done. When top and senior judges in the high court wash their dirty washing in public and judges accusing other judges are not seen…


dexamethasone, the constitution of south africa and a camel

dexamethasone supresses the immune system, increases sugar in the blood and treats inflamation. so, dexamethasone should probably not be taken when you are sick or fighting any disease. however, if you are at the door of death and you are…

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george floyd

so watching any human killed by any police invokes anger. police are supposed to protect. supposed to serve. supposed to be the good guys. police are supposed to use the minimum amount of force. not four police on one unarmed…

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covid-19 death in south africa

if you want to stop south african people dying "before their time" we need to ban vehicles. the state of disaster committee has the POWER to ban all vehicles. this will immediately stop all road accidents, stop pedestrian deaths and…

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