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artificial intelligence

in a year or two it will be too late. societies around the world allowed social media and multinational internet companies to dominate the planet and in many societies it is far too late for legislation and laws to protect…

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ultra violence

so, i learned a new word (or concept) today: ultra violence ultra violence is when extreme violence is so violent that it defies the word "extreme" and of course the extreme violence has to be normalised in that society. i…

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mass murder

12 people dead. as a result of one mass shooting. if south africa was the usa, there would be multiple news and media coverage about this event, for a few days (or until the news cycle runs out, at least)…

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apartheid followup

as a followup to apartheid-is-alive-and-well-and-living-in-south-africa¬†¬†and since that post: there has been more evidence that apartheid is alive, well and evolving in south africa. yesterday many farmers and others protested against the high percentages (when compared with the national murder rates)…

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apartheid is alive and well and living in south africa

south africa, the inventor of apartheid has yet again emerged as the leading racial apartheid country in the world. in the new black south africa the legal system underscores apartheid much the same as the legal system underscored apartheid under…

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