runaway freight train

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the world societies learned in 2017 that unregulated social media and huge multinational internet companies can negatively impact the human race.

one would think that societies would now think further than their noses and realise that unregulated mobile devices,  unregulated artificial intelligence and unregulated technology in general, will impact the human race in the near term future.

in 2017 apple is expected to have sold almost 200 million smartphones. what the apple brand has learned, is that the user interface and product has to emotionally connect with the user. this is clearly evident in reporting and product evaluations and you can easily observe this for yourself. simply read a review of an apple product and notice how the  reporter uses emotive words. this is not unique and more frequently we find emotive words associated with smartphone reviews as other brands follow the examples set by the clear industry leader, apple.

as we venture into the future we will see more and more decisions being made for us, by our devices.

maybe you would like to read the above sentence again?

if society chooses to allow technology to evolve as the social media experiment has, we are heading for disaster.

how do you FEEL about your brand of smartphone?

not only are devices making more and more decisions for us, but we also “feel” more and more for our devices.

the human race is currently heading for extinction in the same way that water heads down a hill. to reverse the direction that our own humanity is clearly taking us in, is close to impossible as water does not run uphill.