slow phone

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do you have a slow phone?

your phone is slow because it has to do too many calculations (otherwise it would have been frozen, which it is not: your phone is slow)

the reasons why your phone has become slow are probably related to either software updates (meant and tested on newer models of your phone) or simply too much junk and overhead that has built up over time.

a quick solution would be to backup all your data to an online service and then to re-install your phone operating system, from scratch.

over the medium to long term, you should seriously consider changing the way that you do things.

the internet, the technical media (press and writers), large tech companies, huge multinationals and many others absolutely rely on the constant upgrade and “improvement” cycles.

it is about the benjamins, like any self respecting zimbabwean will tell you (ben franklin is on the $100 bill). zim is on the US$ currency system as the zim dollar has failed (there is a chance that south africans may also have to educate themselves on the us$ currency denominations if the rand fails)

so, “respected” technical publications will never tell you to stop buying “new” devices. to stop upgrading and to buy open and free tech devices. (yes, those do exist and are so much better than what you have now)

you have become a product and not a consumer. although you, as the “product” also pay money, you use “free” services which entitles the providers to use your data in ways you would not allow if you understood it.

you need to say no. simply say “no” like drugs: say no.

shake your addiction to social media: simply stop using it. (no, not use it less. just stop. just say no.)

scale down your hand held device usage. scale down on your wearable tech, scale down your endless cycle of upgrades, endless cycle of feeling that you will miss out on something.

but, this is not easy. it will mean that you will have to grow as a person, grow as a human being and change is never easy. consider that those who have made the change are in better positions.

consider that you will lose out if you do not change.