distribution of police officers

a group called the social justice coalition protested in cape town recently about the alleged mis allocation of police officers in relation to the rate of murder.

this group, social justice coalition, makes a fundamental error in their proposal: all people in all thriving and healthy societies, are not equal.

it is all point of view. in the interests of society the current distribution of police officers of the south african police services are in relation to the average crime rate and the value of crime, including all crime, not just murders.

the social reality is that it costs society (and the tax payers) a lot more when a medical doctor is murdered in comparison to an unemployed person of no economic or other real value to society.

society has a higher responsibility to protect the contributors to society, the individuals that make it possible for the non contributing members of society to exist.

so, all people are not equal. in which society are all people equal? there is no such thing and there has never been a successful and thriving society based on exact equality.

what this organisation should rather focus on is the huge difference (gap) between the .01% and the 99.99% as well as the huge and unacceptable gap between the 1% and the 99% the average nurse or medical doctor is not even part of the 1% – that is unacceptable in any society.