george floyd

so watching any human killed by any police invokes anger.

police are supposed to protect. supposed to serve. supposed to be the good guys.

police are supposed to use the minimum amount of force. not four police on one unarmed human and certainly not one police with his knee on a neck, full knowing that he can kill the other human.

but, george floyd wears a black skin and the four policement wears white skins (remember that black skin wearers are a minority in the USA)

but, other black skinned people says that police and americans in general, are racist. they say that police stop and frequently kill black skinned people, just because they are black. i listened to an ER doctor in new york, explain that on his way to work, he is frequently stopped by police, just because he wears a black skin.

police says that they are not racist but that, although black skins are a minority, the majority of criminals wear black skins. so, i looked at the percentages of black skins serving prison sentences and compared this number to the population, using the USA GOV websites and their own public data.

yes, it is true, statistically. but why is this? is it a result of decades of police ‘special attention’ to people wearing black skins? so, now, in America, if you are born with a black skin then you are statistically fucked?

is racism just another pandemic anyway?

even china suffers from racism. south africa has a lot of racism. racism is everywhere. in some places racism has social distancing and racism wears a mask, in others, not so much.

what is interesting is that BECAUSE george floyd (George Floyd is a convicted VIOLENT CRIMINAL) wears a black skin, how the opportunistic politicians USE and exploit the tragic death and killing of this black skinned criminal at the hands of white skinned police, for their own ends

the american clown says he spoke to the family of george floyd. so fucking what clown?

at home, malema reportedly condemed the murder. yet, i can speculate that malema himself acts like a racist and says racist and inflamatory things.

so, violent, rioting, angry mobs of americans are burning police headquarters and many other buildings. dancing in the streets and protesting, looting and damaging and destroying their own communities.

america is becoming a shithole. 20 percent plus unemployment, economy in freefall, covid-19 out of control, no leadership, divided into red and blue and the rainbow inbetween. some days, the clown fires off over 100 tweets. dividing, conquering, angry. the clown would actually have made a better african despot. but, the clown was born with a white skin, had he been born with a black skin in an african country, he probably would have become one of the greatest african despots in all of history. now he supplies entertainment to a locked down world. we laugh at the clown, we feel “better than” and we are glad that we are not in america and glad that we are not ameri cans, because clearly ameri cannot. even angela merkel recently declined to travel to the usa for the g7, which the clown then afterwards just cancelled, but not after singlehandedly invitin russia to join the g7. the american island. floating away, america first, the island first. america in isolation and a clown steering the ship. fingers on drones, fingers on nuclear triggers, an angry and very dangerous mob lead by an angry unstable clown.

anyway, in america and everywhere else:  it is all about white skins, black skins, light brown, yellow and all the other colours skins come in.

humans are so truly despicable and i am ashamed that i am a human. i am angry, i am disappointed. i am so very sad.

we all need to be so much better than we are.