Justice not seen to be done

When drunk judges drive motor vehicles and are in accidents, justice is not seen to be done.

When top and senior judges in the high court wash their dirty washing in public and judges accusing other judges are not seen to fairly be investigated and actually result in the firing of any judge, justice is not seen to be done.

When judges, in their rulings, seem to rule incorrectly, and in some examples, very incorectly – and then upon reversal, does not bear any firing of any judge, this is justice not seen as being done.

There are so many actual real examples of justice not seen to be done. So many.

President Ramaphosa recently wrote that “attacks on the judicicary should not be taken lightly”

Sir, with respect, as you yourself said: “Many South Africans endured great pain and hardship, and many lost their lives, so that we could live in a democracy where all may enjoy equal rights.”

The South African Judiciary URGENTLY requires restructuring and fundamental change.

We, Sir, do not have a jury system.

One person has the power to inflict permanent damage to the life of any citizen.

Sir, with the greatest of respect, some senior advocates are charging SIX figures PER DAY ( R 000 000 , 00+ )

Where the vast majority of all of our fellow South Africans (including myself) does not even earn that in a whole year of labour.

Sir, the courts and the judiciary are for the rich, Sir.

The vast majority of South Africans do not have access and the rich do what they like, Sir.

The average attorney charges more per day in court, than the average citizen earns in a month.

These are simple facts, Sir.

Maybe Sir, may I suggest that we create a system where candidate attorneys have to provide TWO years of FREE legal assistance as practical, instead of joining a firm or another attorney as a “clark” and then being used to generate revenue for that attorney or firm?

There are many other changes that would change the lives of South African citizens. Judges should be easier to fire. Judges should be appointed for shorted terms. Judgses should be held MORE accountable for their errors as their errors affect people’s lives directly. Many, many other structural changes are desperately needed in the Judiciary and the South African system of justice.

Sir, again, justice is not seen to be done.

You, with respect, writing that, attacks on judiciary should not be taken lightly, are correct Sir.

Please Sir, You should take it more seriously yourself?

Please Sir, consider that for the average South African citizen, justice is not seen as being just.

For the average South African citizen:

  • We know that courts are for the rich.

  • We know that attorneys and advocates use the court, as a weapon.

  • We know that people are litigated out of money, on a dayly basis.

  • We know that justice is for the 1%


Please dear President Ramaphosa, please consider to support the restructuring of the South Africa system of justice, as it is simply not working for the majority of South African citizens.

the honest, simple and easy truth is: Justice is not seen to be done.