dexamethasone, the constitution of south africa and a camel

dexamethasone supresses the immune system, increases sugar in the blood and treats inflamation. so, dexamethasone should probably not be taken when you are sick or fighting any disease. however, if you are at the door of death and you are experiencing a cytokine storm or something similar, it may be that you could benefit from depressing your immune response.

bottom line: do not take dexamethasone without a medical doctor telling you to. then again, all medical doctors are not equal. some medical doctors are criminals, drug addicts, and ethically poor or just plain negligent. so, okay, use your common sense and try to find a good, intelligent and trustworthy medical doctor…

speaking of questionable medical doctors, our south african constitution is enforced by the elite society and gang in black robes we call: “judges” – three pillars have the power in south africa (1) “Judges” (2) State Administrative (3) Parliament – These three, together, operate the country and each has it’s own power (also over each other)

there are around  255 of these “judges” in south africa. some of these “judges” are racist and publically behave like criminals. so, “judges” are just normal fucked up human people.

the problem is that to actually have a “judge” fired (for being a low life racist scumbag, for example) is close to impossible (or takes decades), more so in this current version of south africa where it is very difficult to fire anyone.

that judges can be “compromised” and “controlled” suits many groups. the administrative arm can delay or refuse to prosecute a “judge” because the group that “owns” the most “judges” always wins the game.

having your own “judge” is cool, but if your “judge” is also a “judge president” or holds a more important position, in the gang of “judges” (all “judges” are not equal, some “judges” are more powerful than other “judges”) then you have more power.

in the old apartheid south africa, you know, when we had white dominating black racism instead of forever BEE, like today modern upliftment racism, an organisation called “die broederbond” operated the judges (yes, all of them)

today, our “judges” are operated by a variety of people and groups. yes, we still have the odd supremist or elitist group operating a few “judges” but we also have groups of “attorneys” (attorneys are legal sharks, you know similar to the rotten flesh and any flesh eating predators of the ocean) and others whom all owns their own “judge” or “judges”

so, the administrative section can arrest you (for say refusing to pay a bribe to a cop) and then detain you (lock you in a small concrete cell)

then the “judicial” section can question your detention and order you released (if no group that owns a ‘judge” opposes you – or if the administrative section wishes to fuck you)

then you get to vote for the “parliament” section who makes the laws about how long the administrative section may keep you locked up without you being presented to the judicial section.


but justice is seen and generally accepted to not be “for all” – Justice for some and justice for some of the time…(justice is more akin to gambling and odds, and who the house is)

if you are poor and you are part of the 99% in south africa, you are sometimes well and truly fucked.

from my own personal experience: crossing a powerful group can fuck your live up FOREVER.

anyway: the 99% do not own any “judges” and the 99% can see for themselves that “judges” are well and truly human and that “judges” are “owned” and “operated”

the 99% knows that the 1% is fucking them.

you know the name?

say it out loud for yourself, out loud in your mind:

George Floyd

you have a camel.

on the back of that camel are many straws.

and, you keep adding and adding straws.

One day will come. just a day. you will wake up.

it will just feel like any other day.

But on that day, one little additional straw, will break the back of that camel.