How to live forever

humans now have the technology to live forever. for those readers still catching up, here are the basics: in 2016, these dudes lifted around 328 regions of the genomic locations related to the biological clock (using human map but lifted…

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Do you live in a shithole?

If you live in a shithole country, here is how to get out of the shithole and get off the shithole list: Of course wars are great for generating lots of money, so is exploiting other countries and other shitty…

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low quality reporting on news24

one frequently reads about how internet companies and selected news media shapes public opinion. the two things are the same thing as it is the internet companies like google and facebook that decide what websites are valuable news outlets in…

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count down 3-2-1-0

no, it is not the count down to the usa launching military or covert offensive action against pyongyang. weirdly, it is a countdown of the number of pilots in the average jetliner. the number of pilots operating a standard jetliner…

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super moon 2017

south africans can expect the super moon this year on 3 December at 17:46 the 2017 super moon is about 16% brighter than a standard full moon and around 7% larger than a standard full moon.  for people on holiday…

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