land expropriation, chickens and listeria

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according to the very latest research: “more poultry ordinances have been passed or modified in Colorado in the last 5 years than in the previous hundred

why should you care and what the gupta does that have to do with land expropriation?

lemme lay this out for you:

in the not shithole country where powerful men do not grab women by the pussy, more and more people are growing chickens in their back yards. yes, i am talking about the “united” states of america, the land of the “free” and the home of the very brave.

in that country more and more people have started keeping chickens in their back yards as these people try to gain more control over what food they eat, what is in their food and where their food comes from (also, it is perceived as cheaper and money saving for lower income people)

in our country, where every few months the government’s mood changes from “no land expropriation without compensation” to “we are gonna take your land with no compensation” it will be that more and more people will also be growing chickens (and your food)

in our country, right now, many people are dying as a result of an unsolved deadly listeria outbreak. (by the way, the pretty pic on the government website is that of TB, not that accuracy, truth or facts is/are of importance on the Internetz, but just saying…)

[UPDATE:5 March 2018 – SA Government says they found the source of Listeria ST6, BUT:  Enterprise foods (Polony & Viennas / Tiger Brands) denies ST6 – but admits to other strains of Listeria – Tiger Brands to recall products anyway) SA Government to make further announcements apparently today. – Spending millions upon millions of rands to track one strain of Listeria is also an indication of how much money taxpayers could be spending on food security in the future.  – see another update below]

this all is what it is and what will be will be (and all that kak) – just a heads up: buy farmer brown chickens or other “branded” chicken, buy branded raw foods. at least your family will have someone to sue if you are killed. the odds are that the ’emerging’ chicken farmer has guptahol to pay you if you get killed by a chicken.

new in africa:  we are used to reading and hearing “white farmer brutally murdered by group of black people” or two-year-old Wilmien Potgieter (and her entire family) killed execution style (shot in the head) by a group of black men.  anyway, historically not so much “black farmer murders thousands of black skinned people” – in south africa everything is about skin colour. the government (and everyone else) measures employment based on skin colour, economic opportunities, tenders, land ownership, absolutely everything is measured by skin colour. in fact their are entire industries that exist around skin colour. government departments, bee agencies (no, not bee keepers, that is something else) anyway, all this skin colour kak is a rant for a different post…

as a reminder, extracted from capemessenger : “On 1 December 2010 the Potgieter family was killed on their farm in the Free State Province. Attie Potgieter (40) was stabbed 151 times, while his wife, Wilna (36), and daughter, Wilmien (2), witnessed the killing. Thereafter, little Wilmien was executed in front of her mother and thrown in a box. A note, written in Sotho on a piece of cardboard saying ‘We have killed them. We are coming back’, was found on the gate of the farm.”

[UPDATE:5 March 2018 Yesterday at 8am a very well known and much respected farmer, Dirk Steenkamp, was shot and killed on his farm in the Freestate. > Malema (EFF) on this same day says: “We are not going to disrupt faming. We are going to inherit farming and continue to farm” – Good Optics. Well done Malema! ]