How to live forever

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humans now have the technology to live forever.

for those readers still catching up, here are the basics: in 2016, these dudes lifted around 328 regions of the genomic locations related to the biological clock (using human map but lifted on mice, of course 🙂 ) – they published in jan of 2017 (Multi-tissue DNA methylation age predictor in mouse)

anyway, more catching up: anyone can edit the human genome in the comfort of their own home (from  scientific american: “CRISPR stands for “clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats.” The CRISPR system is made up of two components: a protein called Cas9 and a guide RNA, a string of nucleic acid molecules with a certain genetic code. Put them together, and they create a tool you can use to tweak an organism’s genome. To do this, CRISPR searches the organism’s DNA for a certain sequence—specifically, the one encoded by the guide RNA, which holds the inverse sequence of your target DNA. “Cas9 opens up the DNA, it separates the strands of the double helix in a very small area, and allows the guide RNA to pair with one of the strands,” explains Dana Carroll, a professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah. “If it is a good match, cutting occurs. If it is not a good match, Cas9 and [the] guide RNA fall off and try again somewhere else.” When it finds the right sequence, the Cas9 protein slices the DNA at that precise spot. At this point, if you leave the cell alone, it will usually mend CRISPR’s cut—but it will occasionally also make a mistake in the repair process, breaking a gene or other parts of the genome. Since CRISPR repeatedly goes back and slices the DNA again after the cell mends it, the gene eventually breaks, or, in technical terms, gets knocked out. And, if you add new DNA, the cell may incorporate it while fixing the cut. This means you can insert DNA where you want to in the genome—you just need to know the organism’s genetic sequence of your desired target area.”

and as obtaining the human genome is fairly easy (google tor/onion network and bitcoin, if you do not already have your own copy)

so, i guess it is now becoming fairly obvious to you that we are where we are and where we are going or where we will end up, is an interesting question.

if you are not “hit by a bus” or targeted for destruction by any other person, company or government, you too, may end up living forever.

of course, if the poor starts living forever we may need another planet, we will also need some form of ‘backups’, we still have so many new things to discover.

right at the end of it all: everything gets sucked into a “whatever they decide to call the black hole” which eats super massive black holes.

and then that explodes again to restart “the big bang”

groundhog day.

we are all stuck in a massive, giagantic groundhog day. some of the days, there are no intelligent life and sometimes there are…


Wanna buy your own gene editing kit? (maybe feel like creating your own super bug? a nice flesh eating bacteria that cannot even be killed by any acid or existing compound? – please consider creating something that eats your bug? – anyway, guns do not kill people, people kill people)