Do you live in a shithole?

If you live in a shithole country, here is how to get out of the shithole and get off the shithole list:

Of course wars are great for generating lots of money, so is exploiting other countries and other shitty stuff you could do to become a paradise. But, if you want to become a paradise without exploiting other peoples and without trauma to your own people, here is a quick step by step program:

To change your country from a shithole into a paradise involves struggle. There is nobody to ask, you (yes, you) need to roll up your sleeves and become involved yourself. Actually do something. Not sit on your couch and complain, go out into society and do the work.

Your shithole country has to first be free. You need to have a functional constitution and individual human freedom.

Then, your shithole needs a working legal system as well as a stable political environment with free and fair elections.

The next struggle is all about getting rid of ignorance: education. Free education for any deserving person in the shithole.

While you are waiting a decade or more for the free education to trickle down into general society, you can address other factors that may be causing your shithole status: (South Africa used here as a direct example)

  1. Income and huge wealth disparity: the 1% and the 99% is a ticking time bomb
  2. Over 33% unemployment is a ticking time bomb
  3. Mass dependence on social welfare is an unsustainable ticking time bomb (so is the government paying social grants based on the number of children people have…)
  4. Ridiculous high levels of violent crime and high levels of crime in general
  5. Breakdown of the social fabric, lack of respect, pride, honour, ethics, morality. Public destruction of property.
  6. Mass social displays of violent behavior, destruction of public property such as schools, clinics, hospitals and roads.
  7. Government, Justice and Policing seen and experienced as criminal. Legal system seen and experienced as favoring only cases exposed in some media and not as a rule. Justice is not seen to be done as fairly and equitably.
  8.   Lack of respect for other people in South Africa. Lack of commonality, national pride and lack of national culture. Lack of empathy for other South Africans.
  9. Racists and racialism from all races. White resorts refusing black people. Black business associations not acting for white businesses. Society divided along racial lines and decades long unending “black economic empowerment” may not be working and may never work. Some government departments already employ 99% only black people. Over emphasis on race making everything in society, daily, about race.
  10. Work ethic installed as part of a culture. Not rewarding participation but awarding achievement. Rewarding achievement. Respecting achievement. Members of society actively contributing to society and not receiving handouts simply because they exist. Pride in work product.
  11. Constantly – Consistently – Try to improve yourself and your society. Try to improve your environment– (an example: you live in a squatter camp – get your kids to collect garbage, plant a small tree, plant and maintain flowers, plants and grass. Improve your environment. Work together with others to achieve improvement goals) This point, and point 10, is probably the holy grail of turning a shithole into a paradise.