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count down 3-2-1-0

no, it is not the count down to the usa launching military or covert offensive action against pyongyang. weirdly, it is a countdown of the number of pilots in the average jetliner. the number of pilots operating a standard jetliner…

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super moon 2017

south africans can expect the super moon this year on 3 December at 17:46 the 2017 super moon is about 16% brighter than a standard full moon and around 7% larger than a standard full moon.  for people on holiday…

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Andre Coetzee

Researching software piracy, I read my own words said to Brian Bakker in 2006. It is at this time that I would like to point out that in 10 years we have gone backwards. Extracted from Brainstorm, 3 January 2006 -…

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distribution of police officers

a group called the social justice coalition protested in cape town recently about the alleged mis allocation of police officers in relation to the rate of murder. this group, social justice coalition, makes a fundamental error in their proposal: all…

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runaway freight train

the world societies learned in 2017 that unregulated social media and huge multinational internet companies can negatively impact the human race. one would think that societies would now think further than their noses and realise that unregulated mobile devices,  unregulated…

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