list of shithole countries

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inspired by (united states) president donald trump, here is a list of the top shithole countries on the planet.

if you live in any of these countries and you do not agree, you need to ask someone more objective than yourself, maybe someone with a brain 🙂

there is nothing personal about this list as it is based on actual statistics. statistics used include: average life expectancy, average annual income of the shithole country (per head or per capita), average education (how ignorant and dark ages are the people of the shithole country (for example will they burn a tourist  in the street for being a suspected witch?) how gender neutral and race neutral are the people of the shithole country? is there a war or unrest in the shithole country? levels of violent crime and lots more (but you get the general idea)

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Southern Africa (South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe)
  3. Iraq
  4. Syria
  5. Iran
  6. Pakistan
  7. Burma
  8. Yemen
  9. Much of Africa (CAR, Sudan, Ethiopia, Niger,Eritrea,Chad,Burundi,Mali,Sierra Leone,Guinea,Burkina Faso,Gambia,Democratic Republic of the Congo,Liberia,Guinea-Bissau,Senegal,Cote d’Ivoire,Malawi,Nigeria,Uganda)
  10. Venezuela

More reading : The Misery Index – reported by the WORLD ATLAS ( : The top ten most miserable countries: 10. South Africa 9. Jamaica 8. Serbia 7. Sao Tome and Principe 6. Brazil  5.Iran  4. Ukraine 3. Syria 2. Argentina 1. Venezuela

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