google fake search results

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a new york times journo, of whom posted a photo of as “dead” or deceased, had to write an article in the new york times (and she had to contact the ceo of google, Sundar Pichai without actually being able to reach him) to convince google that she was in fact not dead.

as people rely on search results as the absolute truth, i feel the pain of rachel abrams as she struggled against the allmighty google. of course, she eventually succeeded and google no longer shows her photo as “dead” or deceased but for other mere mortals, the struggle against the adverse and terrible effects of google, and the fake news peddled by google, continues.

google says they show accurate, non misleading and valuable content that matches the results of what searchers are looking for.

yet, this is patently not true. google shows fake news as valid search results

search for “andre coetzee” and on the first or second page of search results you will see that over values the content of an anonymous web forum called “my” by showing “arrest of internet personality andre coetzee” – as one of its most trusted,  out of over a million??? search results. (About 980 000 results (0,63 seconds))

that cannot be true, try to go through the 980 000 search results, it stops after a few hundred and says “no more results found”

so, i know google lies. (declaring rachel abrahams as dead, fake number of search results and literally thousands upon thousands of normal people complaining about so many different issues)

my dad used to say, if you can lie you can steal.

exactly how many results are there? who knows. and, as there are (or were) at least 176 people called ‘andre coetzee‘ in south africa, why is this nonsensical fake news result in the top ten or top twenty of google search results?

as i, andre coetzee, was arrested for refusing to pay a bribe to a cop, and my arrest was for no valid reason and without a warrant, (as in illegal) does any of this matter?

no, what matters is not the truth of something. the truth means nothing.

what matters is how it looks. the optics. the fakeness and the falseness.

so, google is not concerned with value.

google is not concerned with quality

google is not concerned by little things like the truth.

google is not concerned with little people or non important people

google does not care how it affects people’s lives

no matter what google says, because google lies.

it is what it is and the truth is what it is. sure, many things are point of view, or perspective. but, right at the end of it all there are facts.

google said a new york times reported was dead.

google values anonymous forums higher than the truth.

google loves, rewards and empowers fake news.

for whatever nefarious reason google has, it matters not. google affects my personal life directly as i am the only andre coetzee in mossel bay.

either way google, you truly suck.