the overvaal high school shithole

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if you have been following the news about overvaal high school you probably know the facts not in dispute:

protesters are disrupting education and children at a school, even after a court of law issued a judgment

the south african local government MEC made a statement after the court judgment stating that this is a white racist issue where white skinned racists are preventing black skinned children from being educated.

according to the court judgment, the overvaal high school issue is in fact not a race issue. the local government has forced two other high school principals to make false sworn statements. this is of course criminal behavior. not that decency, morality, ethics, truth or the facts or anything else matters much.

  • there is no respect for the law and findings of a court, in this specific case. as there is clearly a political black racist issue and agenda.
  • there is no respect for the enrolled children trying to attend school, quite probably because these are white children and white children are not as important to the governments obvious racist agenda as black children.
  • all this at a school where the academic achievements are amazing. these same children will, in all probability, become doctors, dentists and engineers. – do you think they will work in south africa – when children are intimidated, disrupted and where the rule of law is disrespected? (let me help you, in case you are not sure – no.)
  • the school is an afrikaans medium school, as it happens, in gauteng, most of the children are probably white skinned. in the western cape some afrikaans language classes and schools are 90% non white. skin colour in gauteng and to the EFF and the ANC is very important. obviously…- what is this called again? oh, yes : RACISM!
  • the south african government reportedly and according to the court judgment, forced two other schools to make false sworn statements. the question is why? to make this a racial thing? or black racists in government, black racists in the ANC or black supremacists in the EFF making this a “white racist” thing?

if a shithole looks like a shithole, smells like a shithole, does like a shithole – has to be a shithole.