ou mense is vol kak

in die ou dae was dit skaars dat iemand baie oud word. met mediese tegnologie, dieet verbeterings en ander vooruitgang is daar nou eweskielik meer en meer ou mense. ou mense het in die ou dae automaties respek ontvang. die…


Ego ergo extinction

so, "social media" erupted about the solution to this equation : 8 รท 2(2+2) = ? Mathematicians claim that the "rules" (which they have made up in defiance of logic) has to prevail and the correct answer is 16. Most…

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South Africa National Security

South African National Security interests South Africa should discourage the export of rare earth and other critical materials. South Africa should place very high export duties on mined RAW material resources in order to stimulate local manufacturing and local employment.…

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life is cheap

christopher jantjies was sentenced to 12 years for the 'brutal' and 'callous' murder of xolosile manjezi. BUT at the time of the murder, christopher jantjies was already serving a life sentence for the murder of a cop. AND the new…

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