South Africa National Security

South African National Security interests

South Africa should discourage the export of rare earth and other critical materials. South Africa should place very high export duties on mined RAW material resources in order to stimulate local manufacturing and local employment.

With what seems the whole planet being involved or affected by trade wars as a result of a wave of nationalism everywhere, I guess the next big thing in trade wars: Export Duties.

South Africa and many other countries export RAW materials to other countries without any sustainable benefit in terms of long term economic development.

Many critical raw materials are only found and mined in South Africa.

It is not sustainable to continue exporting natural resources without any long term sustainable benefit to future generations.

Therefore it only makes sense to stop exporting critical raw materials as it is a threat to national security to continue doing so.

Of course, exports to countries in the Africa Free Trade Zone is fine as this suits the interests of South African National security by empowering African Union and the African Free Trade Zone.