Ignorant Power Hungry Dictators

So, I am required by law to display this link: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Even if you write about shoes and cats, you have to display this link: : www.sacoronavirus.co.za

The South African Government wants to control what I post on my blog? They want to force me to write about what? The Coronavirus?  Why in the name of all that is holy would those in power think that FORCING people to publish a “landing page” with a link to a co.za (co.za – companies in south africa) link – will stop fake news?

Maybe those that are in power are bored? or they simply do not know what they are doing? maybe they are going to make regulations saying that no one may comment or have an opinion on how stupid they are behaving?

I am wondering if I still have free speech? Am I allowed to even have an opinion? OR has the state of disaster taken my right to free speech? I honestly do not know.

What do you call the person and people in charge of a state of disaster?

Do you call them rulers? Do you call them BAAS? what do you call them?

Maybe I will just go with BAAS.

BAAS, wat BAAS nou maak is KAK. BAAS moenie maak dat ek my besigheid moet toemaak nie. In die tyd sokkel ek klaar, nou maak BAAS nog meer KAK vir my?

Asseblief tog BAAS moet my nie doodmaak nie BAAS.

But, BAAS will not care. BAAS does not care and BAAS is going to make something bad, even worse. It is a South African thing – take something and see just how much you can truly fuck it up and break it up.

Building is so much more work and so much more difficult than breaking shit down. It is EASY to break – HARD to build.

Up to just now, I was creating, now I am demotivated and it can all go to hell for all I care.

The Rand took a beating. From around 14 bucks vs ONE dollar to 18 bucks vs ONE dollar in no time. South Africa is fairly fucked up and believe it or not, getting even worse.

My BAAS froces me to display the BAAS website link, here it is again, just for in case, third time lucky: www.sacoronavirus.co.za

Even if I am writing about Ignorant Power Hungry Dictators, like Robert Mugabe and so many other wannabe’s that fucks up not only countries economies, but while people are down they still manage to kick them in the balls and fuck them in their asses.

Anyway, of these words: Ignorance and Power and Hungry and Dictators – which is the most interesting?

Ignorance: is when someone just is clueless. not stupid, not uneducated, just plain old CLUELESS. You do not know what you do not know and if you are also closed minded and opinionated then your ignorance will remain unresolved and you will just seem stupid to other informed and educated people.

Power: Is when you can issue an edict, from your mountain top and other people have to do whatever it is that you so command

Hungry: Is when your people do not have food and you take even the little bit of food they still have and step on it.

Dictators: Yes, as the word implies, they are first and foremost DICKS and only after they are DICKS are they tators.

So, yes, I mentioned Robert Mugabe.

What is he remembered for? I forgot and so will history.