Beaufort Gyre and the new Coronavirus

Sure, you can sometimes see a storm coming by the advancing dark clouds. Maybe a sudden super strong wind will cause you to desperately search the sky for additional patterns, things you may (or may not) recognise from your vast frame of reference. You need to judge. Make a call. Collect information. But, the info age has fucked you in the ass and you did not even know you were fucked, in fact many of us are still quite ignorant about any fucking going on. (You should Facebook (whatsapp) that kak right now!)

maybe I am ignorant. I thought I had better try and figure out if I am ignorant. So, okay, yes I started with first trying to understand ignorance itself.

Ignorance is as ignorance does. So, I should google the word: ignorance. According to the googling results in “Ignorance is a lack of knowledge and information.The word “ignorant” is an adjective that describes a person in the state of being unaware, and can describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important information or facts, or individuals who are unaware of important information or facts.”

Okay, I know about how a wind direction change at the Beaufort Gyre will affect and effect the planet. I know about the new Coronavirus, where it came from, how the Chinese Government has reacted with honor, ethics and in the best interests of humanity. I know and understand that the Chinese Government are good people and that without their actions, decisions and suffering the world and the planet would have been in great danger.

Thank you China, we love you, we think about you and most of all: Your actions, and great sacrifice, inspires hope in humanity.

So, back to the definition of ignorance. I know that I am nobody. I am the smallest wet spot on the far and tiny remote corner of a single grain of sand. In my considered opinion, even with the vast amount of words contained within the Oxford English dictionary, we need to either improve or expand the definition of ignorance or we are in need of an entirely new word.

The information age has resulted in everyone immediately knowing, or being able to reasonably know, almost anything and from multiple persprectives and POV (point of view).

We all know about the new Coronavirus, we know that the confirmed and established death toll is currently just around 1000 people. We also know that the virus is passed from human to human and that currently the vast majority of deaths are geographically in China.

So, the current definition of ignorance does not include something as basic as time.

By the time the new Coronavirus affects my tiny remote corner of the grain of sand, it will not be huge news headlines, it will be old and not new(s). It will be olds.

It is this olds which is not included in the definition of ignorance. By the time I feel the strong wind and I scan the sky for signs, patterns that could affect my survival, it will be too late.

Same with the Beaufort Gyre.

When the wind changes direction in the Beaufort Gyre, it will be a straw on the Camel’s back.

How many straws can the Camel carry? I guess humanity will find out. Then there are Governments that deny that there are even any straws and deny the existence of Camels. But, fortunately there are also Governments that generate hope.

Just some additional historic KAK: a Camel used to be a sigarette and and Apple used to be a fruit. Now a Camel is back to being a Camel (and in this article, climate change) and an Apple is a hand held device which started big, became smaller and smaller and which screens are now growing in reverse as it goes from smaller to larger and larger…

In the future an Apple will again become a fruit and a Camel may yet become the AI that follows you everywhere and you simply speak to….