assassination technology

dendrimers loaded with organic sulphur compounds now target cancer cells directly   in germany, scientists have developed nano particle technology that penetrates the inner parts of cells, to deliver any payload (antibiotics in this case).  these, and many other technological innovations…

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Andre Coetzee

Researching software piracy, I read my own words said to Brian Bakker in 2006. It is at this time that I would like to point out that in 10 years we have gone backwards. Extracted from Brainstorm, 3 January 2006 -…

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runaway freight train

the world societies learned in 2017 that unregulated social media and huge multinational internet companies can negatively impact the human race. one would think that societies would now think further than their noses and realise that unregulated mobile devices,  unregulated…

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Google on wrong side of the force

google has moved further into the dark side of the force. (for trekkies: google is borg, for pony fans: google is stormking.) there has always been a struggle within the google corporate culture, between page and clone. one struggle was…

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slow phone

do you have a slow phone? your phone is slow because it has to do too many calculations (otherwise it would have been frozen, which it is not: your phone is slow) the reasons why your phone has become slow…

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