assassination technology

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dendrimers loaded with organic sulphur compounds now target cancer cells directly   in germany, scientists have developed nano particle technology that penetrates the inner parts of cells, to deliver any payload (antibiotics in this case).  these, and many other technological innovations and discoveries, on the nano scale, is also leading to innovations in the ways nation states could assassinate specific individuals. the development and weaponising of nano materials serve the purpose of conducting covert warfare and empowering securocrats to perform even more heinous acts with even less oversight than ever before.

the latest murder tech now includes precision nanomaterial(s).

aggressive nation states could target entire armies, specific individuals, families or groups of individuals. even if a nation state were to assassinate anyone a standard autopsy could find anything from heart failure to any number of other ‘natural’ causes. of course, deaths could also be due to an ‘ebola outbreak’ or any other type of viral (or bacterial) outbreak. perhaps just a very bad flu, perhaps activating an existing genomic marker. perhaps anything. then again, there are cancers and other options that could serve purposes just as well… (alzheimer much?)

assassination has always been about access. but with different types of access tech also maturing, developing and expanding, it is no longer about access. anyone can be accessed by anyone with resources, knowledge, skills and the will to reach out and touch anyone else.

btw – this is (which translates directly into SHIT) so, pay less attention to tinfoil wearing nutjob conspiracy theorists and more to actual actionable intelligence. there is a lot more happening in your very own back yard than you think…