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to add five letters to the 1000 words: google

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Will Facebook fall?

What is too large too fail? Can social media bring down social media? Social media cannibalism. When the shareholders of Facebook call for "deletion of Facebook" this says something. When society knows that it's children faces damage by that which…

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How to live forever

humans now have the technology to live forever. for those readers still catching up, here are the basics: in 2016, these dudes lifted around 328 regions of the genomic locations related to the biological clock (using human map but lifted…

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Is launching a Tesla into space, cool?

so, on the 6th of February 2018, Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster into space. three scientists published a paper that calculated the odds of the very same Tesla Roadster crashing into something...the paper is called: The random walk of…

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google fake search results

a new york times journo, of whom posted a photo of as "dead" or deceased, had to write an article in the new york times (and she had to contact the ceo of google, Sundar Pichai without actually being…

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