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should the covid-19 lockdown be extended

difficult decisions are made more complex when adding more voices. there are many perspectives to all decisions and few things have one clear answer. virologists are saying : extend the lockdown to August 2020 and possibly another year or two…


flatten the curve and big data

probably one of the most abused phrases by the most ignorant number of people is "flatten the curve" (as it relates to the coronavirus) the problem is not so much the word "flatten" as it is is the word "the".…


the south african coronavirus lockdown

the south african coronavirus lockdown is working because statistically our curves are all flatter. factually even our mean peak shifts by a week (this is 7 days) for each one day of lockdown. and, this is not my opinion, this…


covid-19 good news

the GOOD NEWS about covid-19 covid-19 forces many people to think about their values, their lives and their community. covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) FORCES you to think about life and to confront previously difficult things, head on. the really GOOD…


America and Africa

To start with: here is the link I am being forced by law, to display as my constitutional right to free speech is restricted: If you want to know whatever the South African Government and Two private companies want…


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