covid-19 death in south africa

if you want to stop south african people dying “before their time” we need to ban vehicles. the state of disaster committee has the POWER to ban all vehicles.

this will immediately stop all road accidents, stop pedestrian deaths and stop taxi deaths, immediately!

we should not stop there. we should ban all wheels. everything round is evil and kills people. in fact, coming to think of it, sharp corners are extremely dangerous! we have to ban everything with corners, to be safe, we need and must BAN all square shapes immediately!

Of course, this is stupid. in a progressive democracy people are free and governments or single individuals do not FORCE themselves and their shitty ideas on the populace, even if the vast majority of the populace are little children and need to be “managed” and forced not to kill themselves by smoking, abusing alcohol and then doing all sorts of weird stuff.

even though our road deaths during easter weekend of 2020 were the lowest ever? one thing though, affects another and abuse on women and children are through the roof. so, reductions in one thing causes an explosion in other things as people are still people. the point is:

many things kill humans.

cancer, vehicles, old age and hundreds of thousands of diseases, infections and other complications.

the truth is that we start dying when we are born.


In fact, you have already started dying.

so, now we have another thing that kills us, covid-19

covid-19 is not going to go away. covid-19 is going to be around for a long time and we URGENTLY need to adapt to living with it.

yes, millions of people all over the planet are very probably going to die because of covid-19 – in south africa also. we need to accept this fact, we need to get on with our lives, build our nation and not hide in fear and kill even more of us because we are scared.

covid-19 is NOT a disaster, it is a tradgedy. covid-19 coronavirus is going to be with us for a long time.

it is life, it is death, it is NOT NEW but how we respond to a crisis defines us as a nation. do we live in constant FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)?

Do we adapt, survive and thrive?

Do some of us become power hungry and try to be despots?

Stop the “State of Disaster” it is not democratic, it is not ethical and it is not fair. it is autocratic, not constitutional, illegal and it does not protect our people.

We cannot live in a nonsensical state of disaster when, at best, corona virus is an ongoing on and off: emergency and we are going to be living with it for a long time.

I do not know what the actual death percentage is, how many people in every 100 people who have covid-19, die. But, lets just pretend that it is 5%. I also do not know how many people live in South Africa, so lets pretend that number is 50 million. In time and over the next few years, it is very possible that, using these “pretend” numbers, 2 500 000 people in south africa will die if everyone is exposed to the virus.

When one takes that number into consideration: People die anyway and those that seem to be most affected by this disease are the same people who are closer to death already. Sad – but the truth.

It is extremely unfortunate for all of us, but we are not South Koreans.

We are South Africans, so we are, like Americans, going to have to adjust to living with covid-19 – we cannot cower and hide and live in a “state of disaster” for YEARS.

We have to push forward, be brave and face life head on, we have to survive and we have to thrive.

you cannot do that from under your bed.

stop the state of disaster.

declare a state of emergency, maybe, instead. let parliament make our laws, please. these stupid and arbitrary disaster laws are embarrassing and makes you look like an american clown. please do not make us all look like idiots and backward ignorant humans. banning the sale of open toed shoes, level 5 level 4 level 3 FFS, who thinks out this shit? why do you not have real work?

Real Work:

Testing everyone means that in South Africa test results are now taking TWO WEEKS (14 DAYS) WTF, are you all fucking IDIOTS??? by the time 14 days have passed, the positive people have already infected thousands. LOOK at our “R” number, do you fucking even know what an R number is???? Are you COMPETENT? – sadly, no, you are quite obviously NOT COMPETENT.

We are clearly NOT south korea.

Our Government did not get together with laboratories to develop our own portable test kits, it is MORE PROFITABLE to test in a lab… MORE MONEY FOR THE COMPANIES….

We did things so much differently in South Africa, to the detriment of optimal outcome.

But now, you NEED to ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. We are where we are because clearly you are less than competent.

Now is not the time to be heavy handed. It is a time of grief, a time of acceptance and a time of adjustment to our new reality.

We have to live with covid-19 because we do not have the resources to destroy it, at this late time.

Our winter is coming, with it our first peak is coming…probably next winter we will see our second peak, but speculation will be informed by coming winter in the USA, as we have the huge benefit of being able to see what happens everywhere else, before it happens here.

Maybe it is not too late for south african government to work with industry to manufacture our own cheap test kits?

If I can figure out how to make plastic test kits in my home surely the south african government can work with laboratories to produce our own portable test kits?

Here is what is needed: mould, plastic mould injection machines, cotton and reagents and also vacuum packing and maybe a box with printing. The problem is that I can import reagent from a supplier, but as there are international shortages the best solution is to partner up with labs, upscale and grow our own (YES – for the ignorant – we can GROW, like farming, our own covid-19 coronavirus test kits). unless of course we can get south korea or china to supply us. (which we probably can) – then we can test a few thousand people a day and have quick results and get ontop of the pandemic. for those few people that may wonder how the ‘engine’ of such a test kit works, there is a more detailed explanation [1] at the bottom of this article

instead of thinking out new arbitrary laws to oppress your people, you can actually be doing something?

not making and forcing people to dislay links to commercial websites : – this is the only website in south africa that is allowed to tell you anything about the coronavirus as the south african government is SCARED of fake news. the South African Government is SCARED or power crazy? and the south african government is going down the wrong roads, doing more damage than doing good.

taking 14 days for test results means that you are WASTING MONEY – WASTING RESOURCES!!!

already south africa has scarce resources.

the little we have you are shitting out. for fuckall.

when you test and you HOPE to trace – you need results in a few hours. not even days. and the magic bullet is TESTING TESTING TESTING – contact trace & isolation.

WTF are you doing???

Just for the record: I just now again received one of these fucked up, stupid, wasteful text messages asking if I have a cough or a fever. For Fuck Sakes South African Government, please stop being incompetent arseholes and start working for your people???

[1] I love china, CHINA is truly a great country and a great people. personal note aside, here is the details about covid-19 test kit manufacture:

(1) china released the genetic code to the planet, open and free. (thank you so much, i wish that there were more people that understand what this means and what you tried to do, unfortunately we live in a different time. a time where the truth and facts do not matter as much)

(2) The process is a simple THREE part process: oligonucleotides extract the RNA sequence activates enzymes of which one enzyme converts to DNA and the other enzyme makes much more of it (dna).

(3) the problem all of us face is that the enzymes created in bacteria and then made clean, or pure, are not all equal and may result in false positives, false negatives, etc. (when my batch is bad) – so, we all usually, BUY the polymerase and reverse transcriptase enzymes. Many things are curently in short supply (even cotton) and some of the chemicals are also in short supply as, well, LARGE and powerful countries wants all of it… Making these enzymes however, is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE (in fact rocket science i only recently learned, is not rocket science either, i think we need a new word combination? Maybe this: Well, it is not quantum mathematics? probably not, as quantum mathematics is not all that challenging, once you get your mind around the duplicitous cat)

So, we can actually manufacture the two enzymes ourselves (If I can do it in my kitchen I am fucking shit sure that the south african government working with actual scientists can do it also??)

if you want to read more, the FDA (in the US) also detailed the qRT-PCR: FREE DOWNLOAD: –> EUA-CDC-nCoV-IFU  and there is quite a lot of free resources and free information out there. it is amazing that there exists, in this time, so much ignorance. maybe it is more lazy than anything else?