thank you america

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firstly, thank you for the 1000 ventilators (were they manufactured in America?)

More importantly: America, thank you for donald trump.

DISCLAIMER: nothing else you read here is true or factual, it is ALL FAKE NEWS! This is SHIT (kak in Afrikaans) so read this shit at your own risk!

In this time of corona and covid-19 and depressing dark news of many people dying and being sick, getting sick again and little children developing arterial inflamation, we need FUNNY. We need comedy.

donald trump is an endless source of comedy, controversy, division, destruction, instability and entertainment.

From ingesting ultra violet lights to bleach, from donald duck ing any responsibilty to blaming anyone and everyone even Obama and China and, well anyone, for a virus that does not care if you are rich or poor, does not care if you are Swiss or German, does not care if you are racist or facist or about any politics at all…

donald is even funnier than some of the other presidents in South America that has their facebook posts removed, by facebook, for “misinformation” Actually, coming to think of it, the entire Americas are so very funny and so very entertaining. I mean come on, donald advertising a Malaria drug, which we all now know does not work and touring a mask factory, without a mask. Funny! Blaming China for not closing off your country early and blaming Obama after you failed as a leader, Funny! Speaking for hours at dayly corona virus briefings about absolute rubbish, completely destroying the status and office of the president of America. Funny! Divisive, dividing, destructing, destroying, stirring : FREE this or FREE that State, as if the States are not free, FUNNY! Thinking about completely “breaking” relations with China, creating and shaping the new American isolated island, these divided states of america. one open for business infecting the next one whom is trying to shelter in place. So many deaths. so very sad.

Also really depressing. America used to be great, BT (Before trump) now, with 20%? unemployment…and Trump is probably going to be re-elected as the other guy is disliked by the American media?

So, we will have another four years of comedy, instability, division and world wide uncertainty?

what is also sad is that corona virus does discriminate. it targets malnutrition, poor people, fat, pre-diabetic and diabetics. Pre existing conditions. instead of the world coming together, donald trump is dividing the planet and causing planet wide instability and undermining the world.

thank you America. The most powerful person on the planet looks like an unstable idiotic clown, he controls nuclear weapons. I recall that Hilary Clinton warned Americans that this unstable clown would have the power to press a button.

usually I do not think that much about Americans, but in these corona times, it is so very sad that so many Americans are losing their lives. it is really sad and depressing that soon America will have a few million infections and hundreds of thousands of deaths, maybe even millions of deaths by this time next year all because of one man.

hindsight is perfect and history will be the judge.

when something happens and is developing and happening, people do not see objectively that history is happening as they are too subjectively involved.

in the future, people will know who was responsible and which single person has done the most damage to the entire planet.

infamy on an entirely new scale.

to be remembered a hundred years from now as that singular person responsible for x or y or z.

now that is something else.