New Normal

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in my mind, it is all still fairly much COVID-19, racism, police and the general ails of society, government and the pain of living.

i am thinking about:

receiving wasteful, empty and meaningless repetitive sms text messages from the SA Government. Whom, apparently, either does not pay for SMS messages, or has too much money and too much time.

arguing with electrical contractors about not wearing masks because they are not sick, they say…

it is amazing that people have not yet figured out that 500 microns carries higher payloads than 5 microns, but that 5 microns stay in the air for hours and can cover a much larger distance…

the cool thing though is that we, humans, are also lucky as regards covid-19, let me untangle my thoughts: sars virus only requires a few hundred particles for infection to take root, mers of course, the average human needs thousands, covid-19 is very similar to sars, only a few hundred particles. covid-19 could have been single particles or tens of particles. factually there are probably millions of different coronavirus and gamblers among us, may take odds on one of those requiring a lower load as an infective dose.

humans are such an arrogant species. as we humans kill the planet and our living environment and we distinguish and classify ourselves by the outside colour of our skins, where and in which region we habitate and with whom we identify, all these things make diversity. but is also makes for our own downfall and our own destruction.

we laugh at other humans, like the american clown who is now anti who. we look at the humans who think they are so much better than other humans, in fact, they do not even think much about other humans, just themselves. themselves first, fuck anyone else. the new international, planetatry even, mantra: us first, fuck anyone else. the only difference is in the definition of “us” and “them” and “they”

humans are truly fucked up, i wish the age of the machine can come sooner.

oh, and as i am required, in my geo, by “law” to display a link to a casino like websitewith little spinning boxes where dead people are counted in, a website that contains fuckall substantive news and old stale “information” which is “approved” by the very competent sa government, on all landing pages of all domains ending with .za – here is the link to that shitty and kak website: