list of shithole countries

inspired by (united states) president donald trump, here is a list of the top shithole countries on the planet. if you live in any of these countries and you do not agree, you need to ask someone more objective than…

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a picture is worth a thousand words

the front page of the 9th of december issue of the economist says a thousand words. news24 reports that: "A docket has been opened against Jacques Pauw - NPA" the economist says: "SOUTH AFRICA’S Constitutional Court may be the world’s…

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google is kak

i read an article here:  about how google, facebook and twitter are failing their products/users (users of "free" social media publishing and free search providers are 'products' as these users provide the income for the platforms) traditionally, the largest and…

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oreo and the white gooeye center

DISCLAIMER: do not search "white gooey" on - the first result is vaginal discharge and some of the images related to vaginal discharge will upset the younger (35 to 39) aged readers of so, as many of you…

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is it kak to be zuck?

on the fake news front, there is a lot of new kak to think about :) bloomberg businessweek of today (25 Spetember 2017) cover page makes a statement" "It's Not Easy being Mark Zuckerberg Right Now"  and they have all…

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