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google is kak

i read an article here:  about how google, facebook and twitter are failing their products/users (users of “free” social media publishing and free search providers are ‘products’ as these users provide the income for the platforms) traditionally, the largest and dominant players in internet search and social media, are companies based in the united states. …

oreo and the white gooeye center

DISCLAIMER: do not search “white gooey” on – the first result is vaginal discharge and some of the images related to vaginal discharge will upset the younger (35 to 39) aged readers of so, as many of you tech gurus know and have experience with the version of ANDROID coined “oreo”  and you …

is it kak to be zuck?

on the fake news front, there is a lot of new kak to think about 🙂 bloomberg businessweek of today (25 Spetember 2017) cover page makes a statement” “It’s Not Easy being Mark Zuckerberg Right Now”  and they have all these graphic headlines, FAKE NEWS, EUROPEAN REGULATORS, RUSSIAN BOTS, ANGRY SENATORS,  SAHREHOLDER LAWSUIT, ANGRY ADVERTISERS, …

nominations please?

please submit your nominations for the awards by simply adding your nomination in a comment below this post. simple rules: you may nominate anything as long as nobody can or will choose to take offense.

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