oreo and the white gooeye center

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DISCLAIMER: do not search “white gooey” on google.com – the first result is vaginal discharge and some of the images related to vaginal discharge will upset the younger (35 to 39) aged readers of kak.co.za

so, as many of you tech gurus know and have experience with the version of ANDROID coined “oreo”  and you have all already formed strong opinions, (dotted and crossed each and every pro and con)  you know where i am going with this…

google dudes. seriously?

one of my all time epic movies, watched during some of my formative years, was highlander. the original movie, (not the serials, series or varied versions macdonalded on drive thru for mass consumption)

so, how that worked was that the total number (amount) of highlanders became smaller each time distance was introduced between the head and the shoulders of a highlander.

google is the sweet sticky white gooey stuff in-between two crunchy chocolate biscuits.