google is kak

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i read an article here:  about how google, facebook and twitter are failing their products/users (users of “free” social media publishing and free search providers are ‘products’ as these users provide the income for the platforms)

traditionally, the largest and dominant players in internet search and social media, are companies based in the united states. these companies also dominate in africa. this means that whatever affects the american people also affects the people of africa.

now, google has never had much success dominating social media. not for lack of trying (google plus) but basically for the same reasons some local african domain has not had much success either…. so africans, like myself, pay attention to threads involving the dominant multinationals as they affect me directly.

it is interesting how the slashgear reporter grouped both search and social media together. slashgear reports on the combined results of both very different sectors as if they are the same. the reason why it is interesting is that the negatives of both sectors, the fact that both social media and internet search displays wrong, misleading and fake news, to their products.

because these players are so huge and dominant, they have the power to ruin, shape, direct a person, a country and society itself.

in the case of google their search algorithm is a spaghetti mess based on incorrect value attributed to 4chan. they do the same locally with – completely overvalue the editorial comment of anonymous cowards posting on a forum website. a search for myself ‘andre coetzee mosselbay” on the all powerful google does not reflect anything else than the time a corrupt police officer arrested me inside my home for: ‘refusing to provide my home address to a police officer’ (the cop wanted R5000 bribe, which i refused to pay.  he probably confused me with someone else – i say probably because the two policemen in question were never charged. in my opinion a too large percentage of all policemen and policewomen in south africa are corrupt)

so, anyway. this is the power of google (and facebook, twitter, snap, etc). they shape public opinion and kak all over individual people, as in my perfectly  valid example in the above paragraph. (i am sure there are thousands of individuals like myself similarly harmed by the inefficiency and/or inability of the google search engine to determine the correct credibility of a page on the internet.)

so, google is not a great search engine. it is not really even a “good” search engine. it is just a monopoly and probably the better of two evils. (better the devil you know than the devil you do not)

in my opinion, google is a kak search engine. peddling lots of fake news. but, because i am not anyone important and not even a 1% – google feels a kak about whether they are reflecting me correctly or whether they are peddling FAKE NEWS.

– if you search andre coetzee mosselbay on the google search engine – you only really find the fake news post about my ‘arrest’, and so: what is your opinion about me?

@google: you are kak. Well done on your kak award and yes, clearly you do suck.

i hope your fake news and false value placed on anonymous community posted websites come back to bite you over and over – so, as you have f*cked with my life for the past few years already, please do not change your spaghetti – the more people understand that google is evil, the better for society in general.