is it kak to be zuck?

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on the fake news front, there is a lot of new kak to think about 🙂

bloomberg businessweek of today (25 Spetember 2017) cover page makes a statement” “It’s Not Easy being Mark Zuckerberg Right Now”  and they have all these graphic headlines, FAKE NEWS, EUROPEAN REGULATORS, RUSSIAN BOTS, ANGRY SENATORS,  SAHREHOLDER LAWSUIT, ANGRY ADVERTISERS, EXTREMIST PROPAGANDA, RUMORS ABOUT PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS, ACCUSATIONS OF BIAS, PRIVACY ADVOCATES, CRITICISM OF HIS PHILANTHROPY, VIOLENT VIDEO STREAMS, CHINESE SENSORS and more, literally SHOUTING all over their front page. Interestingly, online they focus on donald trump. kak, hedging their bets like that.

kak that they choose to editorial the heck out of solved issues, for example shouting about SHAREHOLDER LAWSUIT after, yes, after mark zuckerberg already withdrew his additional class of shares plans (zuck wanted to retain control (as we all love control) but yet still sell of equity, so he has some more cash to do kak with. so, there is no more SHAREHOLDER LAWSUIT.  now, i can rinse and repeat with a number of the apparent crisis that bloomberg SHOUTS about, but any informed person already knows what i am trying to point out here: BLOOMBERG PEDDLES FAKE SENSATIONALISM.

is it kak to be zuck? and does is suck in any way, shape or form?

kak no!

it ROCKS to be a $ billionaire, and i will bet my breakfast (2 poached eggs, slice tomato and spinach YUM!) that 99% of anyone on the planet would agree.

so, creating fake sensationalism is also creating fake news.

well done on your KAK award, Bloomberg Businessweek!