losing your shit

acronym: FUD.

fear. uncertainty. doubt.

life is not easy. it has never been easy, no matter who you are and what your environment is. each breath is a struggle. it has always been a struggle.

in more uncertain times and during times where your environment controls more of you, there are more specific struggles.

where you dominated yourself, you are now out of control. where you felt comfortable, even in quicksand, you are now on unstable ground.

where you had vision and where you could see it all fit together, there is now mist.

it drives you nuts and it causes FUD.

FUD forces you to act out, throwing toys all over, even the little red firetruck is now a little red flying machine.

so, what is the answer?

the answer is the problem. the answer is so simple, so easy and so common that you are standing on the answer.

the answer is blowing in the wind.