the south african government makes it law that all .za domains have to display this link:

so, i visited this “commercial” website…

it has spinning boxes, like a casino, that displays the number infected and dead.

old numbers, because by the time numbers are “announced” the casino spinning wheels still have old numbers on them.

the companies that advertise on this “commercial” venture (it is not a website) can be found at the bottom of each page of this business.

making money from the suffering and death of other people and exploiting the coronavirus to make money.


how KAK is that?

then, this “commercial” website – does not give citizens any NEWS – no news and crap low quality stale information.

it does not tell us that the south african army and police stuck a gun in the mount of a old man while his 7 year old grand child watched.

it does not tell us about how the south african police FORCE, in my lowly and non important opinion, is not a Police “service” but a parmalitary armed gang, now backed up by soldiers that are trained only to kill and not to play nice with civilian people.

hopefully the BAAS will notice that south africans listened, we are good sheep, we only want to live and let live and are doing what the BAAS says. hopefully BAAS will not extend the lockdown, hopefully BAAS will increase testing, make all people cover their faces with clean material, enforce hand sanitation everywhere and hopefully BAAS will learn from other countries and understand that everything is a balance and when the balance is out of whack, the kak in the spinning fan goes everywhere.

i HATE and i truly hope the BAAS redirects it to – and takes off the spinning casino death boxes and the commercial company names.

it does not tell us the leading international news, the latest world health organisation statements it does not tell us what the various centres for disease control in the EU US and AU are saying, doing and it actually is a piece of KAK beautifully dressed up with spinning casino wheels to count our dead and suffering. is a useless piece of shit.

what a truly FUCKED up situation. and, the BAAS is forcing us to display a link to this shit.

in economics: the RAND took a beating but the DOLLAR is going into FREEFALL after the next quarter decline/contraction in the US/EU/AU, which will be in excess of 30%

World Depression is coming, I am watching it, full steam ahead, like two oncoming trains on the same track.

We are all fucked, but maybe south africans are not as fucked. it will ONLY depend on what the BAAS does and does not do... if the BAAS continues making STUPID and UNFAIR laws forcing us to display – we are truly and properly fucked.