Trump wants USA to own and control the moon

you may have heard about the artemis accord?

the USA believes that it needs ‘general consensus’ of ‘some’ ‘space faring’ nations and that it can divide up ownership of the moon.

the american president feels that getting consensus from non space faring nations is stupid, a waste of time.  it will delay the splitting up of the moon, so he aint gonna do that. the Americans are just gonna go ahead and sign their ‘artemis accord’ with ‘some’ countries and then they are gonna split up the moon. then put people there and start mining on the moon…

i do not even know how to describe such a fucked up idea that ‘some’ countries and ‘some’ companies can ‘own’ and split up the fucking moon.

you may or may not be aware but the moon is moving further and further away from the earth with each passing year and the average distance grows, small, but exponentially each year.

you may or may not be aware that life on planet earth cannot exist without the moon and that without the moon, the planet will be a different place than what you see now.

how can such a once great country have fallen so far and so quickly to be an even worse shithole than my country?

the USA, once respected, once a leader in the world, once taken seriously have become such a ridiculous country and such a circus.

there is one thing that you had better believe though, and this is that if Trump wants to own and split up the moon there is nobody that is going to stop him, without going to war.

in my opinion, the entire planet is going to become very unstable and in my further opinion, depending on the outcome of the american election, countries of the world should para bellum.

is Trump trying to start a real war with China? with Russia? with the whole world? maybe he thinks to use a world war to power the american economy?