Will Facebook fall?

What is too large too fail? Can social media bring down social media? Social media cannibalism. When the shareholders of Facebook call for “deletion of Facebook” this says something. When society knows that it’s children faces damage by that which social media itself is, this is a direct threat to society. 

Society should not want “change” to social media. This is not a “system” thing. It is like smoking & drugs: Just say no. Social media is evil and is not good for the emotional well being, stability and common good of all society.

Watching news feeds on social media is like listening to running commentary at a (all) ball game(s). How can any human make sense of what is going on around that human without stability? – It is not just news of course, it is the entire relationship with “peers”, it is about perception as much as it is about truth. It is about the gravity and the gravitational pull of perceived society and quite simply stated: social media sucks for society. Society has to be protected from itself as much as a drug addict needs to be protected from the same drug addict.

But, it is not just Facebook. Silicon valley has turned from “innovators” and “disruptors” into despots and dictators. The Internet has never been “fair”, “reasonable” or “just” but it has become worse for having multinational monopolies.

The premise of Google to do no evil is a cool mantra. As cool as Kennedy: (and I am paraphrasing from memory as I refuse to google the word for word quote) “Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country”

The truth may be that Google intends well. The path the hell is paved with good intentions. Good intentions sometimes destroys lives as too much power wielded results in collateral damage. When you use a flame thrower, with a wide flame, to light a cigarette – you may sear your face (or cause other collateral damage to general society and non combatants)

Google is a flame thrower and not a lighter.

Google does not see it like that. From the Google perspective, google is a beneficial dictator. Google is probably the most powerful ignorant despot on the planet.

But it is not just Google. It is also Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and all the other dominant “disruptors” (and wannabes like Signal)  that all think they are making the world a better place whereas and in truth: they are not.

So, will Facebook fall?

With Billions of dollars invested in it, many thousands of employees, constant income streams and small countries that think that “Facebook is the Internet” – hell no. We won’t go.