Is launching a Tesla into space, cool?

so, on the 6th of February 2018, Elon Musk launched a Tesla Roadster into space.

three scientists published a paper that calculated the odds of the very same Tesla Roadster crashing into something…the paper is called: The random walk of cars and their collision probabilities with planets– Download the documement here: –>The-random-walk-of-cars-and-their-collision-probabilities-with-planets-arXiv-1802.04718v1

disturbingly, the paper says: “It is therefore unclear… whether the Tesla… would first strike one of the terrestrial planets” – “It therefore remains an interesting question to probe it’s dynamics and eventual fate”

the Tesla could drive into the Sun, it could crash into a planet, every 30 years it comes close to earth…

the vast majority of people i quickly polled think this is a good idea and that it is even “cool”. maybe it is and maybe it is more stupid than cool.  Elon Musk could have offered to launch a free and useful satellite or some other productive payload, instead of a fully functional million rand car.

in a time where there are hundreds of millions of people with no homes, no running water and no electricity there are people with the luxury of launching a fully working million rand car into space on a heavy load rocket.

yes, of course the social system is working. no, the rich are not evil egotistical maniacs. they are great innovators, great leaders and they do not have great and potentially destructive power over our lives.

so cool, wow, a car in space. look ma, no hands, wheee