who would have thought it possible 5 years ago, that a president in one country is watching the twitter stream of a president of another country, in order to decide if another country should be invaded or not. twitter. for…

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Police wins again

The South African Police has won, again! The KAK award of the month, goes to the South African Police "Service" (SAPS) Well Done!! Here is why: SAPS is mostly (and in this case I can generalise) an unprofessional organisation. Sometimes…

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South Africa should buy Zimbabwe

As Trump is thinking about buying Greenland (and 10 000 people), it may now become fashionable for countries to buy sections of other countries. Maybe South Africa should buy Zimbabwe? It will not be that expensive? How much will Zim…

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Ego ergo extinction

so, "social media" erupted about the solution to this equation : 8 รท 2(2+2) = ? Mathematicians claim that the "rules" (which they have made up in defiance of logic) has to prevail and the correct answer is 16. Most…

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Value of human life

The life of any one person is not equal or the same as the life of any other person. For example: The life of a child molester VS the life of the State President of South Africa is NOT equal.…

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