the south african coronavirus lockdown

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the south african coronavirus lockdown is working because statistically our curves are all flatter. factually even our mean peak shifts by a week (this is 7 days) for each one day of lockdown. and, this is not my opinion, this is just plain old math.

the south african lock down is working because it supplies the government enough time to procure additional respiratiors and medication, it supplies the government with the luxury of time. time to prepare, time to plan and more importantly time to learn.

the south african lockdown is working because everyone, all of us, have enough time to learn how to protect ourselves and how to protect others.

yes, our economy is taking a beating and yes, the wealthy are losing money.

yes, our economy is taking a beating and yes, pension funds are losing money.

yes, our economy is taking a beating and yes, there will be job losses.

BUT on the flip side and on the: CORONAVIRUS GOOD NEWS side

our economy and many companies were unhealthy to begin with and were unsustainable and were draining our economy and dragging it down. the SAA has been devouring the tax base for decades. many other non sustainable practises, like the never ending increases to government employees salaries without any increase in productivity.

South Africa had normalised yearly pay increases with no increase in production, over the board.

South Africa is one of the countries on the planet that could have used a huge brush fire, we are one of the countries that needed everything to burn down.

if we are not the most unequal society on the planet we are in the top somewhere.

we are also such a lucky society, lucky that we have an amazing state president to lead us in this time.

we can now, maybe for the first time ever, all work together. all of us pulling in the same direction. we can truly be what America once was, in Africa.

we can re-build, re-construct, re-engineer, re-design and we can start over, hopefully from a cleaner slate…



Here is the link I am being forced by law, to display as my constitutional right to free speech is restricted:

If you want to know whatever the South African Government and Two private companies want you to know about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, please do visit the commercial website above. It is a shitty casino gambling type display (complete with slot machine spinning boxes) of our misery and death and is monetized by marketing at the bottom of each page. Maybe the new minister of communications will take down this shit, of move it to and take off the advertising at the bottom?