America and Africa

To start with: here is the link I am being forced by law, to display as my constitutional right to free speech is restricted:

If you want to know whatever the South African Government and Two private companies want you to know about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, please do visit the commercial website above. It is a shitty casino gambling type display (complete with slot machine spinning boxes) of our misery and death and is monetized by marketing at the bottom of each page.

Right, now on to my article and my content:


Here is a tip during lockdown, covid-19 coronavirus time: Do not watch youtube news with American content. It is extremely sad and very depressing for any African.

I saw Americans queing for food.

No, not like Africans, not like any poor people, but sitting in gridlock in their cars, burning fuel, while waiting “in line” to get to the food collection points.

Americans seem clueless about being poor or needing help or dishing out food and aid. It is so very sad, so very depressing and I do not know how we can help them. Maybe by trying to get better protocols to them? By advising them that they have to setup MORE food collection or even do delivery to more points, instead of having tens of thousands of cars sitting on a freeway, in gridlock, to go and collect food and aid? By telling them how real poor people do this and how really poor people stretch the aid money further?

It also looks like Amrica is going to head into the darkest economic depression as they are so completely unprepared and so completely not geared to how the world has changed forever.

Their farmers are dumping millions of gallons of milk into rubbish instead of even trying to make cream cheese, or to dry the milk or to even do anything as the farmers say that they are going to be paid for the milk anyway…

Sad. Americans seem to have no clue about the value of resources and what makes a currency strong. After they print trillions of dollars there currency is going to be weak. I for one would not want to have any us dollars right now, the future for the us dollar looks so very bleak, to me.

But, remember, what do I know, I thought that by the time covid-19 gets to my rural town, it would not even be news. Ihave been writing about the coronavirus long before it was fashionable… On February 9 2020 I wrote this about my onw rural area – I am not yet wrong as covid-19 has not yet reached my rural area… Then again, as of yesterday, the SA Government says that we have over 1500 infected people and 7 deaths for the entire country. We are lucky that our President has locked us down early. We are not so lucky that some of the other ministers are idiots, like the minister of communications for the stupid regulations and laws made. The minister of Police is also more focussed on preventing people from trading certain goods than actually checking that his cops are not killing too many civilians. The ministers are more concerned about FORCE and POWER than working together with the people they serve and working together with the goal of us all being safe. Instead they are all about POWER and FORCE. not cool. But, this is Africa after all… it is so easy for any person in power to become a despot. We are fortunate that we have a thoughtful, fair and ethical state president. So, we have something that the DANES (Danish People) also have: a FOUR letter word: hope.