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the GOOD NEWS about covid-19

covid-19 forces many people to think about their values, their lives and their community.

covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019) FORCES you to think about life and to confront previously difficult things, head on.

the really GOOD NEWS is that families are coming closer, communities are coming closer and we all realise that it is important for us all to work together.

i do not say this enough, or acutally even at all, but:


I am you.

I am with you, sure we do not always agree, we fight, but, we are just human.

each one of us are more than just one thing. we are more than just angry, we are more than just friendly, we are more than just loving, we are more than just one thing.

I truly do love you and I am sorry that I have never said so and I am so sorry that I do not show my love more often.

So, the real good news is that introspection is what covid-19 gives each and every one of us.

More good news, ( yes, covid-19 is the good news engine that gives and gives ) is that i think our country will be just fine. our SA Government is in control and seems to listen to our scientists. I already know that our lockdown is working and that we have saved so many thousands of lives already. Our high HIV and Tuberculosis community members HAVE TO BE PROTECTED, fuck the money and fuck the economy. Ubuntu. Money means fuckall if you are dead. that said, there is a balance and we have to accept that this virus is very viral, everyone in South Africa, from the richest to the poorest know about covid-19. We know what to watch out for, we know to wash our hands and if we are all forced to cover our faces, we will flatten the curve enough so that our very limited resources can cope with what is still coming.

basic maths: my informed opinion, (not facts and not the truth) : is that I think, we require at least another 9 to 11 days of lockdown in SA after 16 April, my reasoning and is, the more days, the fewer (or lower rate in %) total infections, but after around 12 days, on our projected trajectory, the numbers seem within acceptable levels to me (but I am not expert) – many people also die from flu, not that dying from flu, or from corona or from being eaten by a lion, or dying from anything is ever a good thing. but it is what it is. soon we will learn what scientists think anyway and all understand what their projections are. I guess it is human for any or all of us (including me) to try to understand where we are going and to try to prepare for the future.

The world has changed forever. we do not even yet fully comprehend how this change has impacted us and how it is going to impact us in the future. on a global view, the shifts and blances of power has changed. there is so much more to come: the outcome of the American elections and the strategy of large coutries and corporations. what i can already see, from my bedroom window, is that africans have to focus on getting out from under the thumb of US tech companies. whith our addition to facebooks whatsapp, google and microsoft addictions, this is going to be very very difficult for us to achieve. for any druggie to kick a drug herion habit is hard. the first step though is to understand that you are a druggie…

I am so very grateful that I am a South African and I am proud of my country and my President and I love my people.


Here is the link I am being forced by law, to display as my constitutional right to free speech is restricted:

If you want to know whatever the South African Government and Two private companies want you to know about COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, please do visit the commercial website above. It is a shitty casino gambling type display (complete with slot machine spinning boxes) of our misery and death and is monetized by marketing at the bottom of each page. Maybe the new minister of communications will take down this shit, of move it to and take off the advertising at the bottom?