Africa and Asteroid 2012 TC4

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12 October 2017, is it a bird? is it a plane? no… it is Asteroid 2012 TC4… worst case calculations by the NationalĀ Aeronautics and SpaceĀ Administration (N.A.S.A) has this asteroid passing at anything between 4200 miles and 170 000 miles from earth. NASA scientists predict that the asteroid will not impact the planet. This sounds a lot like KAK to me, as the margin of error in calculating the orbit of such a small space rock (estimated size: 10 to 30 meters) seems to be quite huge.

As this particular piece of space rock will be passing over my home, i guess i have more than a passing interest in the accuracy (or lack thereof) of calculations. reasonably, if the orbit margin is so wide ( 4k to 170k miles) it is also possible that this asteroid may impact earth, what is an additional few thousand miles either way?

read more about this asteroid on the NASA website