cell: 0827287867 landline:021 913 0585

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so, i receive a phone call, from someone claiming to be an IT internet technician called “Zaid”. the call originated from 021 913 0585. he claims that a domain, account.co.za is mail bombing his clients and he wants to know why we are doing that.

i tell the “internet it technician” that we are not doing that, it is not us and technically, domains do not relay email.

the guy simply does not listen.

he completely ignores me and continues on about his clients are being abused, etc. i rinse and repeat.

the guy just goes on and on.

i tell the person: you are clearly not qualified as you have no idea what you are talking about.

of course, now he listens. he chooses to take offense at my direct approach and he starts swearing at me.

okay, now i understand, everyone is an expert, as long as they know a little bit more than the person listening to them… i inform him that he is stupid or ignorant, i am not sure which. he does not tell me either and he ends the call.

minutes later, i get another call… this time from the “boss” 0827287867 the boss claims to be connected with the HAWKS and the boss tells me that he is going to use his connections at the Hawks and that “I will be sorry”

anyway. yes. the world is full of interesting people….

technically: a bot net / snoshoe spam operation, sent out mass emails using the account.co.za domain name as a “reply to” email address.

the account.co.za domain name, not only has DNSSEC but also SPF records. the SPF says: ;; ANSWER SECTION:
account.co.za. 10799 IN TXT “v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: +ip4: +ip4: -all”

note the “-all”

so, any competent email provider/esp/isp would DROP incoming snoshoe from an IP number that is not : or


any half way qualified IT person KNOWS that emails have headers.

any half way qualified IT person KNOWS what an IP number is.

In fact, my 11 year old son knows what an IP number is.

it is so very basic to look at the IP number in your email headers and see that it does not belong to account.co.za

IF you know nothing, you do not call up a random person and start raving at them. If you know nothing you do not TELL someone something, you listen, evaluate, learn and grow.

Of course, as the “boss” is not a nice person either, I will not get an apology.

them phoning me is my fault.

it is my fault that they are ignorant

it is my fault and responsibility to “help” them (even tho they pay me NOTHING)

it is my fault that they are clueless.

everything is always someone else’s fault.