bullies are made at primary schools already

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so, i receive an sms from the primary school where my kids attend.

the message states: install the d6 app on your smartphone as this is the only way we will communicate with you from this point forward.

i call the school during office hours. (i had to make four phone calls as the headmaster secretary, press 1, did not work…) eventually i hold on for the extra five to ten minutes and i get through to the switchboard.

it is true, i am informed, install the d6 app on your smartphone or we will not communicate with you about your kids and you will lose out.

okay, but what if: my boss/company does not allow me to install extra app’s – or as in my case, i do not have a smartphone. – or if i simply do not want to install this d6 application…

what now?

tough luck, i am told. maybe go buy a smartphone, i am informed.

seriously? i ask incredulously.

then, the tone changes: WHO ARE YOU? demands the voice.

i know the tone. tell me who you are so we can know who your child is.


a school culture of isolation, isolate, dominate, destroy. it says:

use the d6 app or fuck off.

if you bitch too much we will fuck with your kid.

so… of course i hang up. i now know that the primary school my kids attend has a corporate culture of bullying. i know that recently an afrikaner broederbond member joined the staff. i wonder quietly by myself if these things are related. i wonder who owns this d6 app and why it is so important that a primary school would FORCE parents to install a specific app.

bullying starts by shaping primary school kids.

bullying is forcing and bending people to your will.

bullies and a culture of force, dominance and bullying is shaping and teaching my kids.