Risks of World War 3

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The probability of a third world war is now at over 50 percent, in my calculations and opinion. Here is why:

UN Security council

As of yesterday, the UN Security council is strong in disagreement, which is a world crisis and could easily lead to a third world war. It is common cause that many Syrian civilians has become ill in an area of Syria. The United States of America, UK and France says that chemical weapons were deployed in Syria. The Russian people are militarily involved in Syria (Russian army deployed, at the request of the Syrian Government) The Russians say that neither Russia nor the Syrian Government is responsible and has offered that the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) full access and Russian military support for an open and fair investigation. The United States of America has already confirmed that the USA would respond militarily knowing that the Russian military is deployed in Syria.

  • The USA has already stated it is going to retaliate militarily in Syria.
  • The Russian army is deployed on the ground in Syria.

Relationships between major allies and countries of the world at all time low

The United Kingdom recently accused Russia of a chemical attack on UK soil. The Russians denied being responsible. The UK did not offer any prima facie proof to the world that the Russians were actually responsible, only accusations and balance of probability. The Western world reacted by punishing Russia for the allegations by expulsion of Russian diplomats in many countries.

The United States of America started a world trade war (which saw countries like South Africa scrambling to apply to the USA for exemption)

Current situations in Korea, Taiwan, Israel and Arab League countries where tensions are starting to reach boiling point.

In summation: Too many pots are starting to boil at the same time. Usually one of the super powers would step in and start turning off the heat. This is not happening as there are more pots reaching boiling point, than ever before.

If a 3rd world war erupts there will be no single country that is powerful enough to stop it.

So, even if the Chinese or the Russians, or the Americans, or Europeans, or Arabians, or Africans want to stop the war: It will not be possible.