ignorant racists

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not only is ignorance kak, but it is responsible for a lot of kak.

the problem starts with the basic understanding of ignorance.

we are all ignorant.

you do not know what you do not know (neither can you even try to understand that which you are ignorant of)

to further enhance the already vast amount of kak caused by the ignorant, the ignorant never initially accepts their ignorance.

powerful well informed people are also ignorant. scientists are ignorant. all people are ignorant. we are also ignorant about many different things. for example, i am ignorant about car engines. seriously, i asked someone the other day: “where is the carburetor” the mechanic looked at me strangely and informed me that this is an “injection” there is no carburetor… okay, i admitted: “i am ignorant of many things, including car engines”

i read today that a ‘real’ organisation, BLF (black land first) reportedly burned items and staged formal protests, threatened legal action and made statements reflective of their particular brand of common ignorance. the “black” in “Black Land First” is not about the color of the soil, but the color of skin. so this BLF, is a racist organisation – yes, racist organisations in South Africa and many parts of the world are called racist when they contain the word “black” it is only racist when it says “white” or “indian” etc – of course this makes no sense. racism is racism. to define racism on the basis of skin color screams ignorance. to even ask if black people can even be racist, displays racism. (yes, if you even think about whether black people could be racist, you are in fact a racist as that is a racist question – so be honest with yourself, state proudly: I AM A RACIST. it is perfectly fine, many people of all races are racists.)

you should try hard to overcome your racism. maybe instead of “white poverty” or black poverty” why not try to simply be “anti poverty” ?

maybe instead of “white monopoly capital” why not say : “monopoly capital” – 1% – you are all kak! – for myself i do not care if the 1% has a green skin with little yellow dots. society should place a cap on the amount of money that a single individual may accumulate. (maybe us$1m, maybe more) anything more than that minimum needs to be socially justified or justifiable, for example: i need $10m to build a cancer research center. not: i need $10m to build a medical research center to maybe earn $1 billion…  it is all about the motivation. all about the power, control and domination. why should one person control, dominate and own another person?

if you do not get that, then you are part of the problem and you are kak!

currently in our society we have masters and slaves. sure, we do not call the slaves “slaves” as some (less than 1%) have the “hope” or “dream” of being part of the one percent.  practically however, if you are in the 99%, you are a slave.

then again, what do i know? maybe i am ignorant about all of this? maybe not so much. what i am sure that i do know is that there is a problem. the gap between the haves and the have nots is huge. the middle class is basically the one percent below the one percent itself. that two percent of society “owns” 90 percent of everything, is not cool and needs to change. society may say: “it is okay for 2 percent of all people to own 50% of everything, but 90% plus (and growing) is kak.