Police wins again

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The South African Police has won, again!

The KAK award of the month, goes to the South African Police “Service” (SAPS) Well Done!!

Here is why:

SAPS is mostly (and in this case I can generalise) an unprofessional organisation.

Sometimes they are also an uneducated, ignorant, racist, xenophobic, violent, and very militant organisation.

I quote NEWS24, “South African Police Service (SAPS), Captain Kay Makhubele, told News24 that the reason why the SA Police does not protect property, valuables and homes are… Wait for it… drumroll…

“The police are not allocating houses. Police are enforcing the law… we don’t tell people to get into the house, or go out of the house.”

Now, this is a Police Captain. a person who outranks a huge percentage of the entire “SA Police Force” and commands, leads and instructs hundreds, potentially thousands, of police men and women.

Read the whole News24 article here: https://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/News/mob-eviction-in-alexandra-leaves-family-terrified-after-husband-hit-with-axe-20190923

The trouble with the Police in South Africa is that the Police is a semi militant, army like organisation. Professionalism, education and ubuntu are not factors in becoming promoted in the Police. You need to have the right skin colour (black) and you need to be able to follow orders without asking any (or too many) questions.

They, the Police, do not handle criticism well. And they simply never do change and never do improve themselves. In my personal experience, when I was arrested at my address, for refusing to give my address to a Police officer (the truth is I refused to pay the cop a bribe) and I was held for many days in a concrete cell with drunkards and low life scumbags, before a confused magistrate asked the prosecutor what my charges were, eventually and after many days the SA Police had to take me to a court and I was released…. Anyway, nothing happened to the cops that arrested me. In fact one of the cops was promoted. The entire Police station and all of the Police commanders and officers at the Police station and Police cells where I was held, are all low life scumbags for keeping me in their cells and allowing me to be held in their cells without taking any action. Simply illegally arresting me is an abuse of power, and an utter disregard for the law and a complete disregard for my life. I have a loving wife and two little children, you do not care at all. You are a truly gross, and truly terrible organisation and every time I read well written reports about you, the SAPS, conducts yourselves, I read the same thing:

The SA Police consists of many ignorant, unprofessional and under educated members (as well as some low life scumbags).

Hey, SAPS, please please come and take me to court? I would love nothing more than to PROVE what a bunch of low life’s most of you, that I know are.

I have said it before, a few times, this is the truth at grass roots level: If your home is broken into, you simply do not call the Police as they will steal more things or worse… If someone smashes your car window and steals something from your car, there is no point in reporting crime, unless you can claim from insurance. If you are not claiming insurance why would anyone bother to go to a police station to file a complaint?

So, this is one of the many reasons why South Africa is a violent, xenophobic, racist and somewhat fucked up society and country.