why south african society is fucked up

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some criminal piece of shit lowlife breaks into the house of a 65 year old dude and while there is an old woman and an 11 year old kid at home. the criminal chooses to do this in the middle of the night and is shot dead. the shooter is arrested for murder and is now out on “bail”

some easy facts: 1. when a criminal chooses to break into someones home, in the dark of night and while the people are at home, the intent is quite clear: the criminal clearly does not care that there are people at home. more so if the people at home are old or easy targets like little kids or a child or children.

south african society over values the right of life of a useless scumbag versus the rights of people to sleep peacefully and safely in their own beds.

south african society then goes a step further and attempts to criminalize the obvious victim of a crime by insisting that any reasonable person has to first establish that their lives are in danger. south african society does not allow you to protect your property. if you are old, you have to allow some young scumbag to steal your television because the young scumbag is stronger than you are. the young scumbag can also simply assault you or kill you, even in your bed.

what do you, as the reader of this drivel, expect when someone chooses to break into your home in the middle of the night?

do you want to first engage the criminal?

have a quick chat?

are you thinking of calling the fucked up south african police non services (SAPNS)  (and waiting a few days for some pathetic cop to maybe pitch?)

are you thinking of checking with mr criminal if he is here to only take the flatscreen? or is he also planning on raping the old lady? or maybe fucking the child? (even if his intent is to fuck the old woman, you still are not allowed to shoot him. you have to be sure he wants to kill the old woman or the small child, even then, you will still be arrested, treated like a criminal yourself and hopefully you get bail otherwise some dude is probably gonna fuck you in your 65 year old ass)

maybe you are thinking to run a background check real quick? maybe do a credit check?

it is all about the rights of the criminal. you have to be absolutely 100% sure that your life is in danger. your tv is gone, your property means fuckall. even if the criminal rapes the old woman, you have to be absolutely sure that he also wanted to kill the old woman, before you can “defend yourself” or defend your 11 year old grand child, or defend your old wife.

south african society is a sick and fucked up society and the people of this society are punch drunk.

in america if you trespass on property you are shot and killed.

never mind if you break into a property in the dark of night and while you probably know that the inhabitants are weak old people and a small child.

south african society is completely fucked up as the value system of the society is simply broken.

if you are a south african, you need to think about how fucked up south african society is. how devoid of justice and how devoid of simple decency south african society has become.

not only is south african society morally bankrupt but it is truly become a fucked up society.

if you are a policeman or policewoman in this fucked up south african society, shame on you. if you are a magistrate, prosecutor or judge – you are part of the problem. this society is the result of your shaping and your efforts.

well done. you have shaped a truly fucked up society and are enforcing rules where the victims are criminalized. you are shaping a society where the weak is preyed upon, the old and the weak and the woman are all fucked in your version of this fucked up society.