At least half of all Americans are complete idiots

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America will never regain credibility after Donald J Trump. The 72 million Americans shouting out from rooftops about who they are, what they believe in and what America is all about…

I am so very sad that Donald Trump may be leaving the Whitehouse. It was so great, funny and entertaining to watch the Fox News, CBS News, CNN and other American comedy shows. Biden is not even close as funny as Trump was. So, I guess now I will have to again revert to decades old tv shows and dvd packs. *sigh* oh well. In the immortal words of Donald J Trump: “It is so great, so very very great, never before in the history of the world has anything been this great, in fact I think it is the greatest, it is the most amazing and nobody has ever before been this great…” this type of wording used by Donald J Trump about something which I cannot even remember what he was talking about… (maybe it was about him taking a shit that morning, I honestly cannot even remember) – As of now, over 300 000 (Over Three Hundred Thousand) Americans dead due to Covid-19. So many many millions infected. America is number one, they are the greatest, the best, the biggest at everything. From the largest Texas Steak to the largest incompetence as it relates to community health and the protection of it’s own American citizens. half of Americans (or say 72 million people) voted for an abusive, racist, liar, clown and insert : “so many other bad words here”. In fact, few words can fully describe the most powerful man on the planet as so many bad words fit nicely into any definition. History will remember this time accurately. (History is written by the victor, and not the losers) I forget, how many women are saying that Donald Trump sexually molested and abused them? 5? 10? 20? more? I watched some of them on VICE news, so very sad. What is truly stunning is that 72 million Americans support such a low life scumbag. The only take away there is, is that America is morally and ethically challenged. So many other problems, for example: It is clear that racism is so deeply hidden that they do not even see it properly themselves.

I think maybe Americans have become masters of lying to themselves. Putting a “spin” on anything and pumping out shit. It is difficult to understand anything other than shit properly, if you are waste deep in a sea of crap.

President elect Joe Biden will follow an incorrect strategy. He will focus on repairing the divide between the donkeys and the elephants instead of fixing the actual issues. It is impossible to fix the spirit of a bankrupt nation when half of that nation is actually, truthfully and honestly fucked up. More so if the world has already seen that the same fucked up people truly believe that they are the best thing since sliced bread. Americans lack modesty, honesty, morality, ethics, decency and many other things.

But it is worse: When you lie to yourself you are truly lost. In the immortal words of Donald Trump: “It is what it is”.

I think, for me personally, I always thought Americans were so great. So very cool. Something to aspire to. a Hero.

As with Oscar Pistorius, when heroes turn out to be zeros, it hurts. It is emotional and personal. It truly sucks for me and for everyone like me.

So, China has really proven itself to be a nation with morals, ethics and other great qualities. President Xi Jinping is intelligent, honest, ethical, decent and possesses many of the qualities that I, as a human person, look up to, respect and strive to follow.

But, the very best is here at home: Cyril Ramaphosa is amazing, inspirational and a true leader.

South Africans have a real, working and functional democracy. South Africans are completely FREE, we have freedom of speech, our rights are in balance with our responsibilities. The South African Government is competent, fair, ethical, honest and fully functional.

Africa is on the rise, even in 2020, the shittest year ever, Africa survived. Some of Africa thrived in 2020. Africa is a young, youthful and vibrant continent.

Africa is the place to be.

2021 will probably be as shit as 2020, maybe even more shit. But it is true that in 2021 Africa will thrive, will survive.